About the Gallery

Objects & Images Fine Art maintains an ever changing exhibition schedule featuring solo and group artists.  Each show features strong elements of painting, sculpture and drawing.

The gallery has gained an international reputation for its world class artists and curatorial skills. We are committed to a high standard of balancing artistic excellence and great visual drama.

In December 2010,  Dean Lombardo, owner, purchased a retired 19th century gas station in Bronxville, NY. Because of our location in a town that was recognized as one of the first artist colonies outside of NYC and hosts a rich history with the arts and building preservation, our  3 story addition attached to the existing structure mirrors the original historic look and feel of the original space.  Clad in brick and slate, this new structure looks as if it’s been poised there for the last century.

Objects & Images is passionate about fine art.  Our representation includes many of the top artists in their respective fields.   Whether it’s our world renowned sports painter, our classically trained plein-air artists, innovative abstract expressionists, realists  or those pushing the boundaries into hyper-realism, all the work is highly evocative,  expressionistic and moving.   Our clientele values Dean Lombardo’s sense of aestheticism and take comfort that his art is not influenced by the "artist of the moment" mentality.  As past regional editor of both Plein-Air magazine and The Fine Art Connoisseur, we directly experience and have worked with some of the world’s best talent.    We continue to maintain a core group of artists who we have represented for years along with adding new talent of high caliber each year.  We offer appraisals, antique frame restorations, and brokerage of fine art from both private and public collections.

Among the world-class artists represented are Graig Kreindler, Michael Graves, Ken Auster, Heather Whiteside, Michele Byrne, Brian Sage, Janine Wesselman, Mary Erikson, Aaron Coberly and many others.

We host an annual Wet Paint event celebrating many of the top plein-air painters living in the Northeast.   Our artist receptions are celebrations with food, drinks and entertainment which are open to the general public. In addition, we host other events such as artist talks and demonstrations which help promote dialogues and further a connection between the artists and their admiring public.  Visually learning the process taken to complete an artistic masterpiece invites the viewer into the heart and mind of the artist.  It gives the public a rare glimpse into their creative genius at work and their inspiration.

Objects & Images is also honored to have in house a top visual designer and consultant in Vivien Barnum of V. Bailey Designs.  For clients needing more help with decorative design to a larger project, one should travel no further.  Vivien will create a dramatic space that will not only be esthetically pleasing but will become a centerpiece for design, art and conversation.